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Truly great thoughts are conceived while walking’’ – Friedrich Nietzsche


When thinking about exercise, many of us only tend to focus on problem areas or cardiovascular training. Lower body strength, however, plays a vital role in maintaining overall health and executing daily activities.


Benefits of strengthening the lower body muscle groups:

  • Lower body strength training requires you to work harder, thus burn more calories = aid in weight loss efforts
  • Decrease overall muscle pain
  • Improve bone health
  • Improve balance

The type of strength training will depend on your fitness goals. Make sure to always do a proper warm up before engaging in any kind of exercise. Avoid static stretching exercises before your workout and rather engage exercises that require movement. Here are a few basic leg strengthening exercises.


Warm up: Jogging in the garden, bum kicks and side shuffles.

  • Wall sit – 30sec x3
  • Bridge with one leg in the air – hold 10 counts x 3 each leg
  • Calf raises on a small step – 15 x 3
  • Side lying with straight leg lifts – 20 x 3
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