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There are no excuses not to exercise during this lock down period. In fact, now is the best time to break a bad habit and adopt a healthy and active one.

Not only is a healthy diet very important, but exercise is one of the key components to helping you build a healthy lifestyle.


If this is your first-time exercising, start with 4 basic exercises and focus on executing them with the correct technique and form. Start with 2 sets and 10 repetitions. As you get stronger, increase these amounts gradually to avoid any injuries. Exercise x 3 / week and build from there. 


Here are a few basic exercises you can start with: 


1.  Air Boxing 30 sec x 5

2. Jogging on one spot 15 sec slow 15 sec fast

3. Bridge 10 x 2

4.  Incline push ups 10 x 2

5.  Clams 10 x 2

6.  Plank on the knees 30 sec x 2 



If you exercise regularly, try and create interesting work stations or circuits, by using what you have at home (cans of food/a step) to maintain your cardiovascular fitness as well as your strength. 

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