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Top 5 Nutrients for Women

1. Iron Women in their childbearing years need a lot of iron – 18 mg up until menopause and 27 mg during pregnancy. Iron deficiency is the most common deficiency in the United States. Women are at greater risk than men because of their reproductive cycle. Those with heavier cycles are at an even greater… Continue reading Top 5 Nutrients for Women

More about COVID-19

https://youtu.be/g-jDbCuD8Zk Dr Robert Rowen from Santa Rosa in the USA posted an interesting video on YouTube regarding how ozone therapy can assist in the fight against the Coronavirus and similar diseases. He also touches on the fact why ozone isn’t promoted by mainstream health organisations and how understated ozone therapy really is. Let us know… Continue reading More about COVID-19

The Immune System

Tips to help and keep your immune system strong and healthy : Regular ozone therapy as it gives us more oxygen en boost immune system Electro therapy to help antibodies to protect our immune system FAR Infrared therapy Anti-oxidants to protect your cells like Vitamin C Live a healthy balanced lifestyle Drink enough clean water… Continue reading The Immune System

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